The Fruits of Our Labors



August 2014

$200 – Available for purchase on Etsy

Almost all of the materials in this piece, including the decorative washboard and the fake foliage–came from a local last-chance thrift shop. The bones were found in nature by other artists, who then sold them to me as they cut down on extra materials. Together they create a bold, eye-catching assemblage piece that creates a great deal of interest and aesthetic pleasure.

Yet the bright colors of this assemblage piece belie the sad and urgent message it carries: though we may be surrounded by many lovely things we have made through our technology and other innovations, the price is death itself. The coyote carries a dry bone, meatless and without nourishment. In the same way, we discard so many “things” each year, in thrift stores and landfills alike, that we threaten to destroy the environment we rely on to live. It is a cautionary piece that reminds us not to waste our resources, even as it reclaims a few itself.

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