Flora et Fauna I




August 2014

$225 – Available for purchase on Etsy

Occasionally in my thrift store adventures I find a partly-finished canvas that’s still in good enough condition to use. At a last-chance shop I found this canvasboard that had been painted by another artist, but not completed; it was red and black with yellow flowers with blue centers. Whoever it was had put some time into this piece, and I wanted to try to honor that. (You can see the original in the third picture.)

So I continued with the theme; using secondhand acrylics, I pulled the black further up the background so that it and the red each had half of the canvas. I chose to paint the floral pattern in metallic gold and silver, a nicer complement to the bold red and black than the original yellow and blue. And I added more flowers than in the original to balance it out more.

This motif continues onto a found coyote skull I got from another artist’s destash, securely fastened to the canvas and painted to match. It gives the piece a wonderful layer of texture, and I am quite pleased with the result. The piece may be hung on a tack or hook with a braided yarn cord attached to the back.

A lot of time and patience went into getting this piece just right; painting a straight line on a flat surface is one thing, but adding in the contours of the skull made it a lot more challenging! After many hours (and tiny paintbrushes), I’m quite happy with how this piece turned out.

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