Plant and Fungus covermedium

Llewellyn Worldwide, May 2014
312 pages

While I’m best known for my work with <books.html”>animal totems, for the past several years I’ve been working with their plant and fungus counterparts as well! In Plant and Fungus Totems, I explain what these totems are and how working with them is different from working with the animals. We’ll also explore them in context of the three models of totemism I described earlier in my earlier works–Archetypal, Bioregional, and Correspondences. And I discuss how to work with the parts of plants in a sacred manner, rather than just as “ingredients”, along with plenty of other practical exercises for connecting with the totems of fungi and plants!

There’s no other book that solely dedicates itself to the plant and fungus totems (as opposed to individual spirits, devas and the like), and I’ve done my best to create a thorough introduction with room to grow. And there’s even a bonus guest “appearance” by Christopher Penczak (one of my favorite people as well as authors) who was kind enough to write the foreword! In fact, here’s the Table of Contents to entice you further:

Foreword by Christopher Penczak
A Note to Readers
One: What Are Plant and Fungus Totems?
Two: What Makes Plant and Fungus Totems Different From the Animals?
Three: The Bioregional Model
Four: The Correspondences Model
Five: The Archetypal Model
Six: Combining the Three Models
Seven: Leaves and Caps – The Sacred Remains of Plants and Fungi
Eight: Giving Back to the Totems
Appendix A: Plant and Fungus Totem Guided Meditation
Appendix B: Beneficial Nonprofit Organizations
Appendix C: A Bit of Recommended Reading

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An autographed copy of Plant and Fungus Totems is available for $16.99 plus priority shipping in the U.S.

An autographed copy of Plant and Fungus Totems is available for $16.99 plus media shipping in the U.S.